Kyle Branche is a Bartender/Mixologist in Los Angeles.

I also do bitters presentations around town and am hired as a bar consultant.

With bar colleague, Kellie Nicholson, we operate the popular bar education course website Bar Professional, consisting of a variety of online bartending courses and levels including management, to improve culinary professionalism in the Hospitality industry  – http://www.barprofessional.com

Published 75 times in the industry magazines, that include monthly columns, contributing pieces, and feature cover stories. I’m also an author of many bar books, including the most recent 10-book series titled Cocktail Hotel  1st Floor – 10th Floor, the two-book series Life Behind Bars, Cocktails of the American West, and Cocktails on the Brain – the first-ever word search puzzle book with mixology and cocktail history as the entire theme, along with my Cocktail Art DVD series and the Spirits and their Popular Drinks audio book on CD.

Co-produced and co-hosted two pilot shows covering spirits, cocktails, beer, wine, travel-type shows, one called Liquid Kitchen, the other called Distillery Road. There’s another show currently in the stream titled Historical Taverns of America.

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