Ice Cube Confidential – Why the Science of Clean, Clear Ice matters to Beverages and your Health


Consider buying fresh bags of clear, clean ice cubes at the store from now on in place of using the freezer cubes from your refrigerator. Here’s why.

For those who use the ice cubes from the refrigerator freezer that happen to be cloudy white and not clear, don’t forget to change your water filter every six months or sooner, depending on frequency of usage. Many factors are involved with keeping the water clean from rust, sediment, bad odors and other impurities such as sodium (salty cubes) that after melting/diluting in your drinks and killing carbonation, can cause health issues like weight gain, high blood pressure or hypertension, water retention and heart strain over time, all from not making ourselves more aware of these little, yet important parts that end up in our diet. Easy to overlook.

Cloudy ice cubes also melt up to 5x faster than clear ice cubes because the pure ice cube is harder frozen. Also, quick-rinse your ice cubes so you don’t have any freezer frost in your drink. It’s also the water you drink from the refrigerator tap as well. Same thing, just liquid not frozen. Dissolved air and dissolved minerals cause the white cube as it freezes from the outside-in, concentrating to the center. Clear ice cubes are from special ice machines that freeze the ice in layers from the inside-out. There are also the differences between filtered water > distilled water > and boiled water = more clear, clean and pure ice cubes.

If you have a frig with a single evaporator, that means air moves between the fresh food and freezer compartments, and carries odors with it that gets in the ice cubes if not cleaned and kept up with baking soda boxes in both areas. A dual-evaporator refrigerator are compartment-dedicated so no air passes between the two spaces.

Cubes not forming the way they normally should? The water line may be slowly getting clogged without the normal run of water making it into the cube trays.. Dissolved gases, mainly nitrogen and oxygen, can get trapped and forced into micro-bubbles during the freezing process. Dissolved minerals, generally calcium and magnesium, can be present in the form of bicarbonates and/or sulfate.

Contaminates. A high level of TDS – Total Dissolved Solids –  can cause misshapen ice, resulting in a freeze up of the machine. Water high in dissolved sodium can taint your beverages. A high concentration of iron in the water can cause slime and bacteria that also gets on the ice. If there is chlorine in your city’s water system, the ice can give off a swimming pool taste and odor, and as it melts in the drink, the chlorine is released, therefore ingested during the consuming of a beverage.

Hard water states like Arizona, Utah, Nevada, Texas and Colorado end up using treatment systems in their homes, such as sodium chloride (salt) water softeners, potassium chloride salt-free systems, or filtration systems that remove the chlorides from softened water.

But this water is throughout the house – you drink it, you cube it, you water your plants and garden vegetables with it, you cook with it, you coffee and tea with it, glassware out of the dishwasher is spotty and filmy, you wash your hands and shower with it where you end up having a slimy feeling on your skin, the water comes out of the faucet or shower head too bubbly, as though in a carbonated state to save water, regardless of the temperature.

And then turn around and wash clothes with it, where after a stint in the dryer, they don’t feel soft. It’s all tainted with salt of the soft-water system. There may be no way to get around it in these states mentioned, unless of course you have the money to install a complete clean, clear fresh water system throughout the entire house.

I’ve worked parties in a few private homes here in Los Angeles that have such a system in place, where the shower water is just as identically clean and pure as the drinking water out of the faucet. It’s costly in one direction, but saves on your plumbing and house water fixtures in another, not to mention your health.

Until then, maybe that filter-less shower water is part causation for your hair-thinning and graying over years of the same usage. Dry or irritated skin maybe? Thoughts to consider.

This is not all there is to learn about the science of ice, more importantly, clean water for clear cubes, and general usage of water throughout the house. If interested, go online for further information to read up on in whatever specific areas you’re concerned with.

And by the way, there are plenty of How-To make clear ice cube videos on YouTube. I only put a couple of them here in this post as quick examples, but I would seriously suggest checking a variety of them out to choose the favorites that help you the most. Some are 5 minutes in length, some are 15 minutes.